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About Us

AMP Machinery Systems, Inc. is an industrial machinery distributor providing technical sales support, consultation, installation, and service.

We provide high-quality products, responsive service, and technologically innovative solutions for our customers.

The commitment, desire, and ability of our personnel to design, engineer, manufacture, and supply valuable solutions to meet our customer needs is the foundation of our success, growth, and long-lasting customer satisfaction.

Super Performers

Radial Pro Scrap and Part Removal System

Radial Pro LD

The all-new Radial Pro products allow metal stampers to make a quantum leap forward in their approach to removing scrap metal from a stamping press. This technology employs radial conveying motion and eliminates the damaging effects of leverage force and conveying inefficiencies caused by offset loading.

 Uni-Roller® S2 Lubricator

UniRoller S2

The Uni-Roller® S2 lubricator is the ultimate solution for continuous stock lubrication. Combined with a SmartFlow® programmable fluid controller, the Uni-Roller® S2 will consistently apply the correct amount of fluid to both the top and bottom of your coil, day after day. 

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